Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From Top to bottom Mary and Autumn and Nettie shoting targets
Marys first time to shot a gun

Mary still trying to hit the target and Summer waiting her turn

Summer blowing bubbles

Rainbow after a rain strom on our last day

Bill and Summer and Lilly and the dog Elle and Max standing under a beautiful rainbow

I'm the pot of GOLD at the end of the rainbow

Little Wayne out getting wood on the four wheeler
Tanner found this snake sun his self on the sage bush

We had a Racoon come in to camp one night

William had a long day of fun

Kelly cooking breakfast on the last day of the reunion for Grandma and Grandpa and Summer, Bill and Patty

GW and his son William getting ready to go fishing

Nephi and his son Devin out trying there luck at fishing

All the older kids playing liars dice

Swiming at Indian Springs

Alan little girl Elizabeth tring her luck at fishing
GW and his boy William getting the pole ready for fishing

Grandpa telling the girls how to put on a worm

Nephi and his boy Devin tring there luck at fishing

Dixie and Don and there Grandsons Tanner and Tate come up to visit us and go fishing

Activity at Camp

Patty washing her hair at the side of our camper out side shower
Nettie saw her mother washing her hair and decide that she would like to have her hair washed

Neal.s boy Logan and his new fishing boots

Grandpa showing the boys how to fish

Neal and Stephanie and there boys fishing