Monday, October 13, 2008

3 reasons October 12, 2008 will be remembered...

Yesterday October 12, 2008 was a special day for 3 reasons. The first being Kelly was made the Stake Assistant Clerk in stake conference. The second reason being Drew was made an Elder at Stake conference. The final reason is it was my 54th Birthday!!!

We are so proud of Drew and his worthiness to be able to hold the Melchizedek priesthood. He was so excited to be able to stand in the circle for his first time, when Kelly was put in his new Stake calling.

Kelly will be busy with his new calling in the Stake as well as his new calling in our ward as Activities Committee Chair.

Summer made me a birthday cake. My parents, Nettie, and Autumn were able to come as well for the big day.
Nettie and Autumn gave me this green shirt and vest. I had to model it off and get a picture with them.
Here we are eating ice cream and cake!!!!!! YUmYUm!!!

Camping in Dry Valley....Deer Hunting

Summer, Bill, Drew, Kelly and I went up Wednesday to Dry Valley and camped out until Friday night. We had a good time other than it was pretty cool. Here are some pictures of our campout.
It was so windy at times we flew kites at our campsite. Bill and Summer brought 2 kites and we brought 1. We were glad that we brought them...they were a lot of fun to fly.
This was a beautiful sunset on our first night there. By the time we got the camera it was almost down. It was going down pretty fast so we didn't get the best shot of it.

Here is Drew in the trailer just chillin. He loves to play on his PSP.

Here I am posing in the trailer kitchen. We ate well...we had hot dogs, chicken dumpling soup, sloppy joes, tacos, and big breakfasts while we were up camping.

Summer in the trailer reading the last book of Twilight.....she is almost done with it. She said it is getting good.

Kelly out looking at the generator on the four wheeler. He was getting it ready to start so we could watch a movie in the trailer and have electricity and keep warm!!!!
Here is Bill and Ellie scoping out the deer on the mountain. Bill, Kelly and Drew went out hunting friday. They saw 2 moose, 25 head of elk, a nice big bull elk, and a lot of does and fawns but no bucks. Bill even had a spike elk run right by him. That was the only excitement they had hunting!

Here is our beautiful campsite...isn't it lovely. It was right off the side of the road.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Surprise Parties!!!!

We had a great general conference weekend with my family. It was my dad's 80th birthday and my parents 55th wedding anniversary surprise parties on Saturday!!!! We surprised them alright...all 42 of us made it. We had family pictures done. Our family wore pink and brown for the pictures. We also had a catered luncheon at the Fairview Inn in American Falls...the food was great. The Bolingbroke clan then went to Bill and Summer's on Saturday night and spent the rest of the weekend watching conference, playing games, and just relaxing.


Kelly, Bill, and Drew decided to pull the satellite dish out of the ground in the back yard a few weekends ago. Us girls were entertained by watching them. This is a picture of the satellite dish pole and the girls hands in cement in 1986....22 years!!!!!

We also took picture of us behind our fence and in the back yard playing around....Max and Daisy our dogs were worried that Nettie, Autumn and Summer were hurting Drew.