Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnival Triumph Cruise in February 2009...

We had a wonderful time in the carribbean. We went on a carnival cruise to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico. We went with Dixie and Don. It was a blast...but we wish the weather was better. The waves were so big that our boat would just rock back and forth. Everyone got sick except for Kelly. The first 4 decks were always closed because of the weather. We did have fun on the islands though. Here are some pictures in no particular order of some of the things we did and saw. It is kind of a long post so just sit back and enjoy the show!!!!

Just getting off the ship at St. Maarten to go to the beach!!
Looking out towards the bay at our ship in St. Maarten
Patty and Dixie on the Omni French beach in St. Maarten. We were shocked, but we found out about "French Beaches."
Pirate souvenir store in St. Maarten
Iguana at St. Thomas

This is a shopping street in ST. Thomas

Lobster dinner on the ship. Don ate 4 lobster tails that night.

Posing after dinner on formal night on the ship.

A view of Puerto Rico fortress guarding the port.

Night time in the fortress in Puerto Rico
A group picture of us standing in front of Christopher Columbus statue in Puerto Rico.

Here we are getting off the plane at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We went for dinner on the riverfront in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A Shark almost got us in front of our restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.
Here we all are on the ship leaving Miami off to our Eastern Carribbean Cruise.